4 Design Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Space That’s Totally You

4 Design Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Space That’s Totally You

Studies show that people tend to spend a majority of their time at home in the bedroom. In fact, according to the latest research, the average American will spend 36 years in bed, equating to almost half their lifetime.

Given that, it’s no surprise at all that you may find yourself sick of your surroundings after a while. Spending as much time as we do in the bedroom means that things can feel blah and samey fast, even if you feel that you’ve perfected that particular area when you first moved in. To that end, here are a few ideas on how to freshen up your bedroom and personalize it more to reflect your exacting tastes:

Experiment with a different layout

How your bedroom is laid out contributes hugely to why it feels the same, no matter how many personal touches you add to it. An easy way to change that perspective without going through a major renovation is to move some of your furniture around. Experimenting with your bedroom layout can reveal features that may have previously gone unnoticed, plus it’s a great way to utilize certain spaces and make it work a lot better for your purposes.

Not sure where to start? We recommend looking into the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your living spaces to create more balance between them and the natural world. Even if you don’t believe in its metaphysical benefits, using feng shui to improve the flow in your bedroom can be hugely rewarding. Here are a few pointers to start with:

  1. Add a headboard to your bed, which provides stability, strength, and support.
  2. Place your bed in the “command position”. It should be against a solid wall, and you should be facing the door when you’re in it–but not directly across from it.
  3. Make an effort to have pairs of everything: two nightstands, two sets of pillows, and so on. This promotes symmetry and balance.

Show off your collectibles

Your collectibles and keepsakes are a reflection of who you are, which is why it makes perfect sense to show them off in your bedroom.

Our 72-inch floor lamps with shelves are elegant and functional storage solutions that are tall and roomy enough to store all of your mementoes, whether you have a small bedroom or a large one. The Aria Plus 72-inch floor lamp with shelves, for example, is also a charging station that is equipped with a USB-A port, a USB-C port, and an AC outlet so that you can power or charge up to 3 devices at once. If you’d like more control over the lighting in your bedroom, we recommend the Alvin 72-inch floor lamp with shelves. It comes with a convenient foot switch so that you can easily cycle through its three lighting modes, cozy warm glow, natural brightness, and high visibility brightness. Both of these 72-inch floor lamps with shelves can hold up to 40 pounds’ worth of collectibles and decorative items on each tier.

Decorate in your favorite colors

At the end of the day (literally!), the person who’s going to see your bedroom the most will be, well, you. To that end, it also makes perfect sense to decorate it in the shades and hues that you most want to see and will make you the happiest to fall asleep and wake up to.

If we have any advice on which colors to choose, though, it’s this: decorate with restraint, especially if your favorite colors are dark and bold. Your bedroom is still a place for rest and relaxation, and surrounding yourself with loud colors, even if you love them, can have the opposite effect. You may want to use reds, oranges, and yellows in accent pieces instead of utilizing them on the walls, for example. In that same vein, it’s a good idea to temper dark colors such as black and navy blue with white and white-adjacent colors such as cream or eggshell to balance them out.

Fill the room with scents you love

There are few things better than walking into a bedroom that smells like all the things you love. Fragrances reflect your personality, too, and diffusing scents you enjoy in your bedroom is a great way to show off who you are. Some scents can also be supremely relaxing, helping you fall asleep easier and making you feel more rested.

There are plenty of ways to bring scents into your bedroom, and for the most part, they’re all cheap indulgences that won’t break the bank. Scented candles offer both pleasing smells while also providing mood lighting. You can also invest in a candle warmer instead, which helps make your candles last longer while offering warm light. Are you a fan of aromatherapy? Consider investing in an aesthetically pleasing electric aromatherapy diffuser that you can use with your favorite essential oils.