A Guide to Adding Some Fall Flair in Your Bedroom

A Guide to Adding Some Fall Flair in Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom into a cozy hideaway this season. You can quickly and easily transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat this fall by following these seven simple steps.

It's the kind of weather that calls for a little additional warmth and coziness, and fall is definitely that time of year. As the days become shorter, the sky gets grayer, and the temperature drops, we seek solace indoors. No better time to spruce up your bedroom!

We at Atamin believe that the bedroom is the ideal spot to create a cozy and private retreat during autumn, away from the gloom and chill of the outside world. That's why we're here to share some of our favorite ways to decorate for autumn in the bedroom, from using functional pieces of furniture like a floor lamp with table to bringing in cozy textiles.

Light Up Some Coziness

The lighting in a room may either make it stand out or make it feel cold and unwelcoming. You should also make sure that the lighting equipment you buy has "eye-care" technology, which will allow you to read your favorite book with the lights on without straining your eyes.

floor lamp with table

This is what our Ava floor lamp with table does. It gives you both functional and decorative lighting for your bedroom, as well as a place to charge your USB-C devices. This floor lamp with table is perfect if you're in the market for some new smart furniture that won't break the bank, will help you save space, and will add a contemporary touch to your home this fall.

Extra-Fancy Fall Storage Space

The main purpose of display shelves is to offer a safe and stylish place to store a wide range of things, especially those that would otherwise make the house look cluttered. Invest in aesthetic display space to get the most out of your storage solution.

When placed tastefully on the shelves of our Avery Plus 3-tier display shelf with LED lighting, autumn-themed woven baskets lined in seasonal colors, tiny boxes that represent harvest seasons, and miniature chests and wooden boxes will hide your clutter and spice up your decor.

Pile On Extra Soft, Warm, and Cozy Fabrics

When the weather is dreadful and it is pouring rain, what better time is there to cuddle? In the cooler months, it's a good idea to layer up on the bed with a thicker duvet, a few additional sheets, and some comforters, as well as some more cushions. We'd like nothing more than to stay in our room, where it's nice and toasty.

The appropriate decorations are crucial for producing the desired holiday spirit. This is the perfect time to switch out your light with our Ava floor lamp with table and switch out your summer curtains for some more substantial and plush ones made of materials like wool or velvet if you happen to have an extra set lying around.

Bring in Some Nature

In my opinion, no list of decorating tricks would be complete without bringing in some greenery and other natural elements and including a few touches that are truly representative of the time of year. Likewise, you shouldn't make any major changes when decorating your bedroom.

Try to just add a vase filled with fresh autumnal flowers or greenery, hang a real or fake wheat wreath, or dangle a tiny pinecone tassel from your closet door. Or when set off against the fluffy leaves of a morning redwood, a fiery red maple forms a magnificent focal point on the topmost shelf of one of our floor lamps with shelves.

Toss in Some Character and Unique Details

Now is the time to sprinkle in some fun and playfulness, elements that are certainly welcome seasonal additions. You can't go wrong with incorporating at least one (or more) pumpkins into your seasonal tablescape this autumn.

Decorate the room with a few pairs of wool mittens hung on the wall and a large pumpkin for fun. Don't be afraid to pull out the old autumnal decorations you cherish so much.

If you don't like the way your bedroom decor looks, there's no need to completely redo it. A few well-placed, carefully thought-out details can completely change the mood of a room and make you want to spend time there.

We're hoping you've gotten some inspiration from our suggestions. Happy hours spent in bed are our sincere hope for you. Transform it into your own personal haven.

If you want your bedroom to feel like a haven after a long day, our Ava floor lamp with table is a great addition. The table provides a convenient spot to set down your electronics to charge as you relax in bed with a good book. The perfect way to spend a rainy autumn day!