Creating the Modern Smart Bedroom

Creating the Modern Smart Bedroom

The importance of multifunctional furniture

A truly smart bedroom doesn't just have the latest gadgets but also has pieces of furniture that make the best use of space. For this reason, we recommend multifunctional furniture to get the most value out of the carefully chosen pieces of furniture you decide to have in your home. We love the ATAMIN Ava bedside charging table because it offers a great combination of features like being a bedside table that doubles as a lamp and charging station for all of your essential gadgets. You’ll get a USB charging station for nightstand and a beautiful light all in one!

Integrated Charging

Like the bedside table mentioned above, integrated charging or even wireless charging will go a long way to keeping cables to a minimum in your smart bedroom. With all the smart appliances going on around the room, cable management is critical to keeping that sleek, clean aesthetic we know you’re going for. Try to invest in pieces of furniture like a nightstand table with charging station that will help you keep the cables manageable!

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs can transform not just a regular lamp into a smart lamp, but can change the character of your entire room! With a smart bulb, you’ll be able to completely control the brightness, color, and hue of the light bulb from your phone or a smart hub. We recommend the Philips Hue bulbs because of how feature-rich they are. You can even sync them with the music you have playing or have them change on a set schedule throughout the day.

Smart Blinds

There are all kinds of research out there regarding the positive impacts of more sunlight exposure. Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of vitamin D by installing blinds that open and close based on the time of day or a set schedule. This way you can schedule them to open when you want to wake up, so you can be naturally woken up by warm morning sunlight streaming into your room. 

Bluetooth or Wifi Connected Outlets

You can turn any device into a smart device by simply connecting it to a smart outlet. This allows you to control it from an app on your smartphone or through a smart home hub, giving you even more control over everything going on around your room.

Smart Assistants with Voice Control 

You won’t even need to get out of bed to control aspects of your smart bedroom once you get a smart assistant like the ones made by Apple, Amazon, or Google. You’ll be able to fully operate everything from your lamps to your blinds simply by saying the word. Plus you can use most smart assistants to do all kinds of things like play music, add events to your calendar, or answer simple questions. 

Smart Home Hubs

Connect all your smart devices to a smart home hub. This way you can have control over all the different elements that you’ve connected and monitor them through a single location. This will help you keep track of everything going on in your smart bedroom!

Setting a Routine

Once you have smart home integrations installed you can set up automated routines for all of your smart home devices. You can set schedules for when you want your blinds to open and if that should be different on weekends versus weekdays. You can also set up your lights to automatically dim when it gets close to bedtime and automatically get brighter to wake you up in the mornings. With a smart home hub and a little time setting up integrations, you’re only limited by your creativity in terms of what kind of home automations you can create.

A full smart bedroom may seem like a difficult task, but by breaking it up into smaller pieces it becomes a lot more manageable. With new technology coming out every day, it’s well within your reach to fully tech up your bedroom so it operates exactly how you want it to!