Floor Lamp with Drawers: Modern Living Room Essentials

Floor Lamp with Drawers: Modern Living Room Essentials

Sometimes we’re compelled to redesign an entire room, inspired by a certain aesthetic. Modern decor has become quite popular and it’s addicting to look at all these stunning homes with plain white furniture, sleek metal accents, and an overall clean look.

While modern decor looks quite pricey and luxurious, you can actually recreate this look with a few key pieces without breaking the bank. Here are the essentials you need to make your living room modern, from a floor lamp with drawers to striking artwork.

What is modern decor?

Modern design is a style characterized by its clean lines, minimalism, monochromatic color palette, and natural light. Despite its name, modern design is inspired by an aesthetic that took over in the mid-20th century. Here are some defining elements to keep in mind:

Clean lines - Straight lines are very important when it comes to modern decor.

Open floor plan - Creating a big open space is very modern. Instead of walls, separate areas with furniture.

Furniture - Speaking of furniture, modern decor often has low and long shapes. Your couch, coffee table, and other pieces should be low to the ground. The furniture is also made with natural materials and you’ll often see unpainted wood and metal.

Minimal decor - Modern living rooms are free of clutter. You’ll often barely see anything on the surfaces!

Neutral colors - You won’t often see bright colors in modern design. Instead, think beige, white, gray, and black. Sometimes pastel.

Modern Living Room Essentials

If you are looking to make your living room modern, there are definitely some things you’ll need to create this unique aesthetic. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Minimalist Couch

A sofa or sectional is very important to any living room, often becoming the focal point. For a modern look, pick a couch that is low to the ground, minimal, and sleek. Don’t pick a couch with extensive designs and don’t put pillows and throws on it. Instead, choose a white couch with short legs, a chesterfield-style sofa, or a tan leather sofa.

Wooden Accents

To contrast with the material of your couch, consider a coffee table or side table that’s mostly made of wood. The more natural it looks the better.

Marble Accents

Another awesome accent is marble. Stone and marble accents will make a huge statement, keeping your modern living room looking stoic and clean.

Let Nature In

Large windows are part of the modern appeal, usually floor-to-ceiling windows if possible. The beautiful wildlife from outside contrasts stunningly with your smooth and clean living room within. It will soften up the living room to let in some natural light.

Floor Lamp with Drawers

Statement lighting is huge for modern design. Our modern floor lamp with drawers is the perfect blend of functionality and modern simplicity. The sleek metal lines and simple white shade fits in perfectly with modern decor. The addition of the drawers helps you hide little trinkets so you can keep your modern living room free of clutter. 

floor lamps

Funky Artwork

While modern decor is often very, very serious in nature, you can lighten the mood with some colorful artwork. Modern art is a great way to brighten up your space. Think bold and geographical. You may even want to add textured artwork to hang on the wall, which can really add to the simplisticity of the rest of the living room.

Accent Chair

While your couch should usually be a bit neutral, you can have some fun with an accent chair. A low slung chair that’s yellow, light green, or another pastel can really elevate your space (and your mood). The accent chair should also be a fun and artistic shape, adding a bit of flair to your decor.


Since modern can look a bit “cold” in its aesthetic, it can really help to put some plants in your living room. Having a touch of life can really make a big impact and breathe some energy into the room.

One Key Piece

Modern living rooms should be free of clutter. You don’t want little trinkets on every surface. But you can add a big statement piece to show some personality and create more depth in the space. Think of a large vase that’s a different color than everything else or has a distinct material.

Accent Wall

A lot of modern living rooms will have white walls but then one wall or surface that’s different from the others. It may be painted a different color or has a different texture. It’s also often cement, marble, or something else that sets it apart.

Industrial Qualities

If you want to add some flair to your modern living room, try industrial accents. This may be exposed wood beams or pipes. It could also be exposed brick. Just make sure the rest of the room, if you go this path, is simplistic and clean.

Cat Furniture

If you have a cat, you may be worried how their litterbox or scratching post would fit into the decor. You don’t want your cat to scratch your leather sofa or textured carpet. Instead, try modern-inspired scratchers with unique shapes or floating wood shelves for them to climb that are made of wood and other natural materials. You can also hide a litterbox inside an enclosure, which are made to look like furniture.


When it comes to putting together a modern living room, you want the overall look to be bold, simple, and clean. Think straight lines, simple furniture, and very little clutter. But you want to add some fun accents that show your personality and keep the room feeling lived in, like a quirky accent chair, a floor lamp with drawers, or a colorful piece of artwork.

If you are searching for that one statement piece that will help set your living room apart, you’re in the right place. Here at Atamin we have a wide selection of attractive, modern floor lamps that are not only sleek, but functional as well. Take a look and see for yourself!