Functional Floor Lamps to Add to Your Home

Functional Floor Lamps to Add to Your Home

Sometimes you don’t want a plain old lamp. You know the type: a circular base, a long, thin body, and a triangular shade, maybe a pull switch hanging out. The kind of lamp you see at your grandparent’s house or a doctor’s office. You know as well as we do that lamps can be more than a light source — they can be a staple piece of your room, adding to your decor, and providing extra functionality to any space. From a floor lamp with a USB port to shelving, we have some elevated lamp choices here that are more than your everyday light.

How to Choose a Floor Lamp

With so many options to choose from here, we get that it can be tough to narrow it down. Luckily there are some key questions you can ask yourself that will help you find the floor lamp that is right for you.

How much light do you need?

Do you need light that spreads across the whole room and makes the room brighter? Or are you more looking for a light source that creates a spotlight on a certain area of your room, for reading or while working at your desk?

How big is your room?

Depending on the shape and size of your room, you’ll want lamps that are certain styles. For example, you can make a room look bigger by choosing a lamp with a shade that starts off narrow and widens at the top. Or maybe you need one with extra storage to free up some room in your home.

What is your decor style?

While you might think a lamp is just a lamp, these days many come in a variety of styles. Some are modern and sleek while others are ornate and detailed with mid-century vibes in mind.

What extra features do you want?

This is where the fun part comes in. There are not many sites focused on super functional floor lamps with extra features and benefits. Well that’s not the case at Atamin. By incorporating 30 years of expertise, our manufacturer has created a legacy of designing and manufacturing high quality floor lamps, table lamps, and lampshades. We believe in furniture and home décor that will elevate any space and bring people together.

Here are our most unique lamp options to make an impact on any room.

Ava Floor Lamp with USB Port

You can place a floor lamp in your room or you can have this all-purpose floor lamp in your room to completely elevate and upgrade your space. This floor lamp provides light but also acts as an end table and charging station. This floor lamp can do it all, making it the most efficient floor lamp you’ll ever come across.

In your bedroom, this floor lamp with USB port options allows you to charge your phone and other electronics while you sleep while also providing a light source if you want to do a little bit of work in bed. It also stores books, medication, framed photos, and anything else you want on its two shelves.

You can also use this lamp in a living room by your couch. It can provide a nice reading light and can charge your phone, give you a place to put down your drink, and also display some items that will add an extra touch of style to your space, like vases, plants, magazines, and figures.

The 3-in-1 charging station on this floor lamp with USB port options is quite advanced, containing a USB, USB-C, and a power outlet. Charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and more — all at once.

But it isn’t all functionality. This lamp also looks beautiful with a curved, gold neck and sturdy wood shelving. It’s also topped with a linen fabric blended lamp shade that evokes mid-century vibes.

Floor Lamp

Aaron Floor Lamp with Drawers

Here is another lamp with added functionality. With LED lighting, drawers, and shelves, this is a floor lamp that does more than just brighten up a room. This floor lamp can both store and display things all at once.

This floor lamp has three drawers perfect for storing little nick nacks that you don’t want cluttering up your space. Think mail, keys, batteries, and other important items that need an organized space without making your room look messy.

But then it also has four shelves that are perfect for displaying photographs, books, antiques, statues, vases, plants, and figures. Each shelf can actually hold up to 40 pounds, making them durable and versatile.

On top of being super functional, this floor lamp has LED lighting that illuminates your room and prominently showcases your photos and memorabilia. It has a beautiful glossy shine and durable finish making it just as classy and stunning as your other furniture.

Floor Lamp

Avery Advanced Floor Lamp with USB Port

This tall, 72-inch lamp has shelving galore as well as a fully functional USB-C charging station. The charging station includes one USB-C and one USB-A charging port as well as an AC power outlet. The charging is super fast, making it great for phones, laptops, and other devices. You can also plug in figures and other display pieces that use electricity like light-up signs.

On top of the charging capabilities, this floor lamp has four display shelves for displaying decor, memorabilia, and collectibles. They have enough space and strength to hold books, photos, plants, and decor. This not only adds to your room’s looks but frees up space and clutter. It’s a great lamp for homes with limited space, including apartments and dorms.

The lamp itself is more than just functional. It has a simple and trendy look, giving your room a chic, clean, and minimalist look. It has sleek and clean lines that make it look sophisticated in any space. It has a beautiful glossy and durable finish that doesn’t usually scratch.