How to Class Up Your Home Office

How to Class Up Your Home Office

Even before the pandemic, remote work was already on the rise. Companies that allowed their employees to work from home saw increased productivity, along with an overall decrease in employee turnover. Removing geographical obstacles also allowed businesses to hire top talent from all over the world, giving themselves better hiring options while providing workers with freedom and flexibility.

You must be a remote worker yourself if you’ve managed to land on this page. And as great as its perks are, working from home also poses a variety of challenges. Sure, you’ve eliminated your commute and no longer have to suffer the early morning rush hour traffic. However, that means being stuck with the workspace you’ve carved out for yourself at home day in and day out. That alone can get really boring, really fast.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your work area at home, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few practical ideas:

lamps with shelves

Improve the lighting

When people think about redecorating a room, they often overlook one crucial detail. They buy cans of paint, rip out the flooring, bring new furniture in… and then forget about the lighting entirely.

Most of us typically take light for granted. As long as there’s enough of it to see by, what difference does it make, right? The answer is that it makes a lot of difference. Light dictates the mood of a room. It also has an effect on your productivity and your quality of life.

Natural light is the best kind of light you can have when you’re working and trying to be more productive. It increases the amount of vitamin D in your body. Additionally, it lessens eyestrain and eye fatigue, especially if your work requires you to look at a screen for extended periods of time. Exposure to natural light also leads to better sleep quality, preventing you from feeling tired during the day.

There are options for those who work the night shift, too. While you may not have access to natural light, you can take advantage of fixtures that approximate it. Here at ATAMIN, we have a wide selection of floor lamps with shelves that provide both illumination and ample storage. Our Alvin Dimmable Floor Lamps with Shelves & Integrated LED Lighting stands tall at 72 inches and features 3 light settings: cozy warm glow for ambiance, natural brightness that mimics light during the day, and high visibility brightness for maximum illumination. These settings can be changed at your convenience using the nifty foot switch—no need to bend or feel blindly around!

Keep it neat

While there are those who thrive in chaotic environments, most people find it overwhelming and distracting. The state of your home office reflects the state of your mind—when it’s messy and cluttered, chances are, you’re having trouble thinking straight, too.

Keeping your workspace neat can be one of the biggest challenges of transitioning to a remote work setup. At home, you’ll have to be more mindful about cleaning up after yourself, which can feel like a monumental effort on top of all the work you’re already doing. Household chores will also need attending to, further adding to the burden.

The easy way to get ahead of tidying up is to start with a tidy home office in the first place, and being extra aware about keeping it that way. Clear away the clutter on your desk and have the presence of mind to put anything back in its place after you’ve used it.

Proper cable management also goes a long way when it comes to the overall aesthetic of a home office. If you use a lot of electronic equipment, then you already know that a jungle of cords and cables can be hopelessly off-putting, not to mention unproductive. You’re wasting time when you have to keep looking for and then detangling the right cable to plug into the gadget you’re using.

We have 3 attractive solutions for your cord conundrums. Our Aria Charger Edition Floor Lamps with Shelves and Charging Station are equipped with 2 fast charging ports—1 USB-C and 1 USB-A. It also has an AC power outlet, which brings its available inputs up to 3. But there’s more! Embedded directly into one of the shelves is a Qi wireless charging pad, allowing you to top up your electronics without ever needing to reach for a cable.

There’s also the Avery Advanced Floor Lamp and the Alvis Edge Charger Edition. Both of these floor lamps with shelves, like the Aria Charger Edition, come equipped with a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and an AC power outlet. While they may not have the Qi wireless charging pad, the 3 provided inputs should still prove highly functional. Avery stands 72 inches tall when fully assembled, while its little brother Alvis is 63 inches. We especially recommend the Alvis for smaller home offices. 

Bring the outdoors in

Spending almost all of your time indoors can have a negative effect on your health and mood. You’re missing out on the many health benefits of sunlight, and that boxed-in feeling can be a real downer.

There’s no real substitute out there for breathing in fresh air and taking in a bit of sun, even for just a few minutes, every day. However, there are small ways to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Leaving the windows open while you work allows air to circulate and natural light to flood the room. You can also take a few plants and place them strategically around your home office for a welcome pop of green that will remind you of life and renewal.

lamps with shelves

As you can see, you don’t have to invest in a full-scale home office renovation to make it more beautiful and functional. Thoughtful and practical additions that take your needs into consideration can help considerably. For more space-saving lamps with shelves and other modern solutions to improve your workspace at home, be sure to browse our full catalog.