The Atamin Holiday Gift Guide

The Atamin Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season just around the corner, we here at Atamin have come together to make the perfect holiday gift for all the people in your life. Everyone could use a little more light in their life, so why not be the one who gives it to them?

For the student in your life:

Ava is a great choice for students or anyone living in college housing or dorms. We’re big fans of multifunctional furniture here at Atamin and we know that space is at a premium when it comes to college housing. This side table with a lamp is the ultimate in space-saving design. It takes the place of both an end table and floor lamp while also providing USB charging capabilities to keep all of your essential gadgets charged and ready to go. Not only that, but it also includes a lamp with a convenient pull chain!

For your friend who is a collector:

Avery Plus offers as much space as you could want to store and display all your precious items or collectibles. This standing lamp for the bedroom or living room now has even more space than before. As a floor lamp with shelves, you’ll have plenty of room to display things like legos, fragrances, collectibles, or jewelry! With dimensions of 18.9" x 11.9" x 62.75", this floor lamp with shelves even allows you to show off and light up with your favorite shoes or sneakers.

For someone living in close quarters:

Alvis Edge is the perfect way to make use of small spaces or unused corners. This shelf floor lamp for the living room or bedroom is perfect for making use of corner spaces, and homes with limited space like apartments or dorms. Bring some light and extra storage space to your friend's home today. There’s no reason not to make good use of corners in your house, dorm, or apartment.

For someone who always loses their keys:

Aaron is a modern LED floor lamp that offers a central location to always keep critical items like keys or your wallet. Never misplace essential items again with these convenient drawers and shelves to help keep you organized. 

For someone whose phone is always dying:

Avery Advanced is a modern lamp with shelves that includes 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A charging port as well as an AC power outlet that can charge all your devices. Its multifunctionality makes it a great choice as a shelf lamp for the living room or even a standing lamp for the bedroom. Plus with these advanced charging abilities you’ll never find yourself without a charge or running out of the house on low battery.