The history of LED lights and their rise in popularity for holiday decorating

The history of LED lights and their rise in popularity for holiday decorating

The holiday season is all about getting in the festive spirit and there's no better way to show your cheer than with a few decorative lights. While traditional string lights have been around for centuries, LED floor lamps, lamp tables and bedside lamps have become increasingly popular over the last decade. But what led to this rise in popularity? To answer that question we need to learn a bit of history behind LED lighting technology.


LED stands for light-emitting diode, and was first developed by Nick Holonyak Jr., an electrical engineer at General Electric in 1962. At the time it was only used as an indicator light but soon enough its potential became apparent. By 1975 Fairchild Semiconductor had begun mass producing LEDs, making them available for commercial use. By the early 90s, LED floor lamps and lamp tables were showing up in homes across the country as a more energy efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs.


While originally only available with a red hue, LEDs soon began to be produced in other shades such as green, blue, and yellow. The rise of technology also allowed white LED floor lamps and bedside lamps to enter the market around this time. This gave homeowners much more choice when it came to festive lighting designs than ever before and made LED floor lamps especially popular during the holiday season.


Since then, LED floor lamps have gone from being seen solely as a decorative piece to becoming an essential part of holiday decorating. They are now used in all types of homes, from traditional to modern, and have become a must-have item for creating the perfect holiday atmosphere.


So next time you find yourself surrounded by twinkling LED floor lamps and lamp tables this holiday season, it’s worth taking a moment to think about how far lighting technology has come. From its humble beginnings as an indicator light to it's now ubiquitous presence at festive occasions, LED floor lamps are certainly here to stay!