Tips for decorating with plants

Tips for decorating with plants

If you're looking for fresh ideas to liven up your home decor, why not add some plants? Greenery can brighten any space, and there are endless ways to incorporate it into your design. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to get you going.


Incorporate plants into your décor for a pop of color.

When used as touches in interior décor, plants can instantly bring life to any space. Plants not only breathe life into a room but also help to draw the eye and provide something for viewers to look at. From small potted plants suspended from shelves to a sprawling houseplant balancing precariously over an armchair, plants help to form the basis of any well-thought-out décor. Of course, any plant added can add a vibrant color that will sweeten up even the most stoic of interiors – elevating it from clinical modernity into fresh organic beauty. With a careful selection of plants and positioning, you, too can transform your décor into something lush and inviting.


Choose low-maintenance plants that don't require a lot of water or sunlight.

When selecting plants for your home, it's essential to think about how much energy and resources you want to put into caring for them. Some plants require more specialized care, such as lots of water and sunlight, while others are a bit more low-maintenance and can thrive in sporadic light levels and environments with less moisture. If you don't have the time (or interest) to monitor their plant's growth closely but still want a luscious garden, selecting some low-maintenance plants is the way to go. These will provide you with all the beauty of a well-maintained garden without having to devote hours each week toward its upkeep.


Place plants in strategic locations around your home to create a sense of balance.

Unused corner space in your home can be transformed with the strategic placement of plants. Plants are natural energizers - their calming presence changes the environment and boosts your mood instantly. Start by investing in corner shelves to hold the plants, ensuring they get the sunshine they need while allowing you to maintain easy access for watering and pruning. With corner shelves, corner space is used efficiently and will give any room a sense of balance between grounded earth elements like brick or wood floors and upright features such as windows and art pieces. Introducing houseplants into corner spaces will improve any living area, bringing harmony and vitality throughout your home.


Consider the size and shape of your plants when selecting them for your space.

Plant selection can be complicated and intimidating, but one of the most important yet frequently overlooked aspects is the size and shape of a plant. Paying attention to the current size of a specimen and its expected future size will help you create balance in your space. Additionally, look into the width and depth of a plant, as these can often be more crucial to consider than height - particularly if you have limited horizontal space available. Taking into account the current and potential size and shape of each plant when selecting them for your home or office can help ensure that all elements fit harmoniously together.


Have fun with it! There are no rules when it comes to decorating plants.

Decorating with plants can be an incredibly liberating experience, as there are no rules that need to be followed. You don't need to worry about following a specific color scheme or theme; you get to play around with whatever you're attracted to and arrange it in a way that works for your space. Whether adding some greenery to liven up your living room or creating a stunning outdoor oasis, the possibilities are endless when incorporating plants into your home decor. So be creative and have fun with it!


In conclusion, incorporating plants into your décor can add a fresh touch to any home. It's essential to research what plants will thrive in each space and consider their size and shape. Growing plants may not come naturally for everyone, but it can be surprisingly easy with the right tips and tricks. Make sure you get the most out of your space by strategically arranging them around the room. Above all else, remember to have fun with it! Don't be afraid to be creative and unique when decorating with plants; your imagination only limits you. Who knows, maybe you'll even pick up some new green thumb skills along the way!