Unique Ideas for Decorating Your Living Room

Unique Ideas for Decorating Your Living Room

Been feeling like you need to revitalize your living areas or indoor entertainment spaces? You’re in the right place.

Put some of these suggestions into practice today and see if they don’t pick your interior design right up!

Hang a Tapestry

For whatever reason, tapestries have an antiquated air about them. It’s as if no one hangs them anymore and they are only present in the most decorous, resplendent of settings, relegated to formal halls and galleries.

But that is an air you can transfer to your home by hanging one - if only for the fact that they have such an uncommon presence.

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a wall that really pops. It draws attention to a space, deepens the intrigue of a setting, and is marvelously easy to recreate. There’s also more than one way you can do it.

Consider painting one wall a bright, contrasting color from all the others. This works best when you have neutral walls in a white, off-white, or slate gray color - if that’s the case, any bright color will create the contrast you’re going for.

You can also create an accent wall by leaving all of the walls except one totally bare and then decorating the remaining wall with bright prints - and not just one, but a variety, especially in contrasting styles or color schemes. You can also create a stronger draw by staggering the manner in which you hang them - on a diagonal, for example.

Use Unframed Art

The majority of wall art - in the form of posters, prints, and even canvases, is framed in some manner or other, even if just with a cheap dollar-store plastic frame.

Skip the frame and hang a stretched canvas and you can give your living room a much more vital feeling, and one that is down to earth.

Ditch the Fake Plants

LED floor lamp in your living room

Plenty of homeowners decorate with fake plants because they are easy to care for. After all, plastic plants need neither water, food, nor light.

But that’s where their utility ends. By contrast, live plants can filter VOCs from the air, regulate humidity and temperature, and even control ambient volume. They can also fight the voids of negative space.

Moreover, some people report that living plants uplift their moods and feelings of general wellness - but that is something you may have to sample for yourself.

Moreover, plenty of plants will thrive indoors with minimal care or attention. Consider getting some succulents, cacti, ZZ plants, sansevieria, spider plants, bromeliads, or even philodendrons. All are relatively easy to care for.

Avoid Color-Discord, Deepen the Contrast

Some colors look nice in each other’s company, such as neutrals, and those that are adjacent on the color wheel, such as blue and green or red and orange.

What you don’t want to do is use complementary color schemes in your interior decorating as these will look jarring: red-green, yellow-purple, and blue-orange.

However, you can still create a sense of contrast and intrigue with bright pops of color, especially if your home has a predominantly neutral color scheme.

Consider hanging a bright print or adding a throw or a pillow with a bright red or yellow colorway to add a little light and life.

3D Decorations

Decor doesn’t need to be 2-dimensional - even if you hang it on the wall. There are numerous, exhaustive ways to add that extra dimension of light, life, and color to your home - even in hangings.

Consider hanging a wall sculpture or a relief sculpture. If you don’t have one of these, consider running a garland or string lights around the molding in the room. You can also hang decorative plates or chargers on the walls, or mount sconces.

The LED floor lamp in your living room can also give you plenty of real estate for showcasing curios and other aspects of 3D decor, especially if the lamp has shelves.

Use that shelf space to showcase sculptures, collectibles, models, figurines, and other knick-knacks, or use it to decorate with centerpieces, candles, candleholders, or even decorative clocks or vases.

Take Advantage of Statement Lighting 

LED floor lamp in your living room

If you have one of our dimmable LED floor lamps for your living room, you already have effective statement lighting - if you’re trying to create enhanced mood lighting, consider switching out the LED bulb for one with a warmer temperature.

You can also add wall sconces, table lamps, or even pendant lights to create longer shadows and more effective mood and accent lighting.

Create Balance with Symmetry

Last but not least, consider balancing your room by arranging things in pairs. Got two sofas? Seat them opposite each other. Flank a wall with opposing plants, planters, or sculptures. Add wall hangings to opposing walls. You can even double up LED floor lamps for your living room on opposing sides of the room, at the ends of furniture, or around doorways.

This sense of symmetry balances a room and makes it seem much more complete.