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Fancy Plus Wide Display Shelves With Integrated LED Lighting

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Why settle for a standard display shelf when you can bring a touch of light to your life? Fancy Plus is a display shelf that not only features four sturdy shelves, but also incorporates four fully integrated LED poles so that you can display your items with the lighting you desire! The LED poles are adjustable so that you can change the direction of your lighting. With the Fancy Plus Display Shelves you can also choose between three levels of brightness, all of which can be controlled by a convenient foot switch. To top it all off, the display shelves are all made to last and have increased space so you can display all of your meaningful collectibles! All of these features make Fancy Plus the perfect hybrid curio cabinet and shelf lamp. 

3-in-1 Dimmable LED: Fancy Plus is like no other display shelf. Featuring 4 fully embedded, energy-efficient LED poles, Fancy Plus doubles as a curio cabinet as well as a shelf lamp! In Addition, the LED poles can be adjusted to face multiple directions! Not only that, but you can choose your desired lighting atmosphere through our 3-in-1 dimmable LED feature. You’ll be able to access three settings: a cozy warm glow, a natural brightness, and a high visibility brightness for ultimate glow.

4 Display Shelves + More Display Space: Fancy Plus is now equipped with even more shelf space. We have extended the length of our shelves for more space for you to display your collectibles. All four shelves have also been crafted carefully to provide you with the support you need for your meaningful memorabilia. Combined with the integrated LED, Fancy Plus is a display shelf that is perfect for making your prized possessions the center of attention!

Foot Switch: Fancy Plus comes with a convenient foot switch that can be placed right on the ground for you to easily access. Filter through all three of Fancy Plus’ brightness settings with a simple tap of your foot! The foot switch is both minimal and discreet so that you can still showcase your wonderful display shelf.

Advanced UV Coating, Maximum Durability: Fancy Plus is a display shelf that is meant to last. That is why Fancy Plus is coated with an advanced UV coating technique that is both environmentally safe as well as capable of protecting the shelf from wear and tear and casual abrasions. 

Easy to Assemble: Every Fancy Plus Display Shelves will come with an instruction manual with illustrations and steps that will guide you through the assembling process. We also have a guided instructional video to make the DIY experience a smooth one for you. Easily setup your new curio cabinet with ease!