How To Use a Modern Floor Lamp With Shelves in Your Living Spaces

How To Use a Modern Floor Lamp With Shelves in Your Living Spaces

Whether you live in a small home or a large one, it’s always nice to have furnishings that aren’t just ornamental but also functional. Dead space can be a big issue in a lot of homes, creating gaps in the flow that simply isn’t being utilized properly.

Sure, you can shove a large houseplant or some other large item to fill that gap, but many other homeowners may want something that has a more practical use. A modern floor lamp with shelves is an attractive solution that offers both illumination and storage–and it happens to be our specialty. Here’s how you can use some of the products we offer here on ATAMIN in your home.


The living room is often one of the largest rooms in most homes. The furniture can take up most of the space, but to look comfortable, inviting, and lived-in, it’s always a good idea to eliminate dead space.

If you have a lot of books, family photos, or other small items that you’d like to display, the Avery Plus Wide modern floor lamp with shelves can be a great option. It’s wider than our other offerings, measuring 18.9 inches across. There’s enough room on its sturdy shelves to store and show off your most prized possessions, whether they’re hardbound coffee table books or heavy pottery. Each shelf can hold up to 40 pounds. This shelf also doubles as a floor lamp and comes with a replaceable, energy-efficient LED bulb. To turn it on, simply pull on the chain.

If you’d rather have more control over the lighting, you may want to check out the Fancy Plus Wide. This modern floor lamp with shelves is as wide as the Avery Plus wide, but the light poles are integrated into the shelf instead. They’re omnidirectional and can be pointed in any direction you want. Like the Avery Plus Wide, each tier can hold up to 40 pounds. What’s more, the integrated lights are dimmable and can be controlled from the convenient foot switch. You can choose between three lighting modes: warm, natural, or high visibility.

You can better utilize any vertical dead space in a living room with high ceilings with our selection of tall modern floor lamps with shelves. The Aria Plus stands 72 inches fully assembled, which means more vertical space in each shelf tier for larger decorative items. It isn’t just a floor lamp with shelves, either–it’s a fully functional charging station, equipped with a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and an AC outlet. It’s a great place to put a smart home device, such as a Google Nest, Apple Homepod Mini, Amazon Echo, or a regular Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, you can adorn an empty corner with our 72-inch Alvis Edge modern floor lamp with shelves. Its unique shape allows you to fit it into any corner, providing much-needed light in spaces where the ones overhead may not be able to reach.


Bedrooms are meant for rest and relaxation. A modern floor lamp with shelves can help keep it clutter-free while setting the mood at the same time.

We highly recommend the Alvin floor lamp with shelves for bedrooms. It’s sleek and chic, measuring only 10.2 inches in both depth and width. This silhouette goes well in bedrooms that are decorated with a minimalist aesthetic, and pairs perfectly with your bedroom furniture if you’re a fan of Scandinavian design. It comes in five modern finishes: black, brown, walnut, white, natural wood, and rustic wood. At 72.8 inches tall, there’s more than enough room here for picture frames, a succulent, and other small items. The torchiere-style integrated LED light is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This modern floor lamp with shelves is also dimmable, allowing you to easily set the mood.

While you’re checking out our floor lamps, you may also want to consider framing your bed with a pair of Ava bedside tables. These eliminate the need to buy a nightstand and a lamp separately and, like the Aria Plus, are also equipped with a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and a power outlet for convenient nighttime charging of all your electronic devices.


Bathrooms, depending on their placement and layout, can face both storage and lighting issues that a modern floor lamp with shelves can solve.

Our recommendation for cramped bathrooms is the Aaron Classic LED floor lamp. It comes in a similar silhouette and design as our Avery modern floor lamp with shelves, with torchiere-style lighting and four shelf tiers. Each tier also serves as a drawer that can hold between 3 to 6 pounds of small items. It’s great for storing makeup, hair accessories, and any other essentials.

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