The Ultimate Guide to Nursery Lighting

The Ultimate Guide to Nursery Lighting

Creating a warm and welcoming space for their newborn infant to call home is a source of great joy for expecting parents. Finding the appropriate illumination for your nursery is equally as crucial as deciding on an overarching theme for the room, picking on a color scheme, and taking painstaking steps to choose the ideal cot for your child.

The nursery needs not just overhead lighting but also additional ambient lighting. You can choose from a wide variety of our floor lamps with shelves or our bedside table lamps with a USB charging station. These floor lamps are perfect for reading, relaxing activities, late-night feedings, diaper changes, and any time you need supplementary lighting to what you get from the ceiling lights or windows.

This is a crucial aspect of decorating your child's room, so make sure you know all about it. Here are a few of the most important factors to think about while choosing nursery lighting:

Prioritize Hazard Prevention

To put it simply, safety and comfort must always come first.

In general, you should stay away from light fixtures that have a lot of moving parts or exposed bulbs that could break. If you're going for style over function, skip the ottoman hack using a regular table lamp as a tall floor lamp and instead pick up one of our Ava bedside table lamps with a USB charging station.

You may rest easy knowing that your child won't be able to knock over one of our Ava bedside table lamps with a USB charging station. While sitting in the gliding chair and nursing your baby, you can also charge your electronic devices with the Ava lamp's built-in USB charging station.

bedside table lamps with a USB charging station

Lights that produce excessive heat might cause burns if touched. It's a relief to know that an LED bulb is included with every Ava purchase. LED lights are efficient, and their low heat output has made them very popular, especially in nursery decor.

Ensure Subdued Lighting

Mood lighting creates a warmer glow, which gives the impression that the nursery is cozier. Additionally, this type of lighting is easier on your baby's eyes since it reduces the contrast between light and dark, which helps prevent your child from becoming overstimulated.

In order to protect your child's eyes and prevent them from being injured by messing with an exposed bulb or halogen, it is best to utilize lighting fixtures that disperse or shade the light. Take, for example, a glance at our classic floor lamps that come equipped with shelves. When switched on, the soft light from our classic LED floor lamps won't injure your eyes or those of your baby, and the lamps' torchiere designs keep the bulbs safely out of reach.

Position the Light

Not only should you keep all light switches and plugs out of your infant's and older children's reach to avoid any risky forcible removal, but you should also consider the big picture. While a giant ceiling fixture would be a beautiful addition to your nursery, your infant may not be as enthusiastic about having to sleep directly beneath such a bright light.

One option is to have a look at our Alvis Edge Corner Floor Lamp with Shelves, which can be safely propped in the corner of the nursery to provide gentle yet adequate lighting without being in the way of foot traffic. It's a corner lamp, so it won't cast the harsh light that would otherwise make using ceiling fixtures in the nursery a bad idea.

Bring in Dimmable Lighting

A lack of sleep can negatively impact a baby's development, and harsh lighting can make it difficult for them to relax and go to sleep. Many families now use dimmer switches as part of their nighttime ritual because of this. They make the room calm and soothing, just right for a sleeping baby. In addition, they emit just the right amount of light for parents to sneak a glance without awakening the baby.

But what if we told you that there was a superior option that addressed your aesthetic concerns while still meeting your dimmer requirements? Take our Alvin Dimmable Floor Lamp with Shelves and Integrated LED Lighting, for example, this unassuming floor lamp not only looks great but also offers three levels of dimmable light, all of which are accessible through a foot switch, making it ideal for use in a nursery.

Wrapping Up

Make sure the lighting in the nursery is just right to ensure calm evenings, simple feedings, and a soundly resting infant. Before you bring your new baby into the world and into your home, take some time to go through our extensive collection of floor lamps and select the ones that you think would be the best fit for your child's bedroom.